Owner of popular Towson Sichuan restaurant will open new eatery in Howard County

By: Amanda Yeager

And it will once again be the centerpiece at Tea Horse Sichuan Bistro, a new restaurant she plans to open later this year in Ellicott City…….view more

Local Uptown business-owner stimulates cross-cultural appreciation

By: Nina Gayleard, Assistant

Editor Red Pepper Sichuan Bistro owner Ping Wu is growing her business, contributing to the economy of Uptown Towson and spreading cultural influence around the c…….view more

‘An elegant and intimate musical venue’: Towson restaurant uses music to bring people to restaurant, together

By: Baltimore Sun Media

Ping Wu, owner of Red Pepper Sichuan Bistro on Allegheny Avenue, wanted to do something new to bring people back into downtown Towson. Her love of music inspired her to create the “Live at The Red Pepper” music series.…….view more

With art, restaurants and new businesses, Towson celebrates Asian heritage

By: Cody Boteler
Baltimore Sun Media

Ping Wu has lived in Towson for nearly two decades, but didn’t open her new restaurant, Red Pepper Sichuan Bistro, a spot on Allegheny Avenue until mid-2019. So when Chinese New Year rolled around in late January this year, she was excited to be able to celebrate with the community. …….view more

Review: This new Sichuan bistro in Towson serves tongue-numbing dishes and you’ll love every bite

By: Christina Tkacik
Baltimore Sun Media

People have been telling me lately about Red Pepper Sichuan Bistro, which one reader described in an email as “the most un-Towson of restaurants.”…….view more

The new place is stunning and serene, decorated with a large mural that depicts China’s ancient Tea Horse Road

By: Christina Tkacik
Baltimore Sun Media

Tea Horse Sichuan Bistro Since it opened in 2019, Red Pepper Sichuan Bistro has become one of Towson’s favorite spots for Chinese food. Now, owner Ping Wu has done it again…….view more

A Generous Helping of Sichuan in Ellicott City – Tea Horse Sichuan Bistro

By: Jim

I love spicy food and if there’s only one thing Sichuan province cuisine is known for it’s the spiciness. Delicious mouth numbing “mala” spiciness that is almost better than something that just goes off the Scoville charts…….view more